Shear & Shearing System

AC Servo Shear Type ASV

AC Servo Shear Type ASV

The first "Servo" Shear in the world
The cutting speed is variable.
Large reduction of noise and vibration
Suitable for various material cutting
"Ecology machine" no need compressed air

Mechanical Shear Type AST

Mechanical Shear Type AST

Smaller rake angle minimizes bow, twist and camber
Easy and accurate blade clearance
NC auto-back gauge

Automatic Shearing System Type MPS,SAR,ARS


Over 500 hundreds systems have been accepted by the market.
Systematization of material loading, shearing and piling
Accurate cutting by sheet support conveyor

Mini Leveler Shear Type MLS

Mini Leveler Shear Type MLS

Reasonable price coil cutting line
Cutting of products for width 20mm is available
Cutting precision is within 0.15mm
30,000 cuts/day with length 120mm
Pitless and saving space

Press Brake

APB Series APB-4013/APB-204


High repetitive depth accuracy.
The fine adjustment mechanism for products.
Easy clamp・quick change which can be changed tools with one touch.
Internet connection available for IoT use and Offline Programing.

Model APB-4013 APB-204
Bend Capacity 40ton(392kN) 20ton(196kN)
Bend length 1300mm 420mm

CNC Press Brake Type APL

CNCプレスブレーキ APL型

IDEA CNC control with 3D Graphics
0.0002 inch (0.005 mm) ram repeatability
Easy operation with 17"TFT touch screen
A unique automatic programmable crowning device
Accurate multi-stage bending by mounting several kinds of toolings in one setting.

Hydraulic Press Brake Type APM

Hydraulic Press Brake Type APM

Simple design and easy operation
0.0004 inch (0.01 mm) ram repeatability
An unique automatic programmable crowning device
Touch panel for NC back gauge (option)


油圧プレスブレーキ APM型

AC servo driven mechanical pressbrake
High speed ram stroke : 25SPM
High power of 150 tons at 6mm before bottom dead center
Uper limit and bending speed are variable

Punches and Dies

Press Brake Toolings


Standard toolings assure the finest quality and long life
Special punches and dies can be designed